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*Please note that Nelson House is not accepting any volunteers at this time due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic!*


How to Volunteer?



At Nelson House, we’re proud to offer a robust and successful volunteer program. Our dedicated volunteers are incredibly generous with their skills and time, as they are passionate about supporting the women and children at Nelson House.

On a daily basis, we receive a large amount of inquiries about volunteering as an individual at Nelson House. However, we gladly continue to accept applications from prospective volunteers.


There are many opportunities and you are limited only by your interests! Examples of volunteer activities include: assisting with daily lives – cooking, cleaning, organising at Nelson House, administrative work, working in event committees, donation assistants.

If you are interested in volunteering with Nelson House, please send an email to, and include a resume, cover letter, contact details, and a description of your desired area of work OR simply fill the form below.

Please note:

Nelson House requests all volunteers to commit to a minimum period of time of one (1) year for the consistency and stability at the shelter, especially in program areas.

Due to the volume of daily requests please note that you are not guaranteed a volunteer position because you applied.

What happens after you apply to volunteer at Nelson House?

The Community Engagement Coordinator will review submitted applications and respond if there are available positions onsite at the shelter and/or can help you develop your campaign idea.

If Nelson House needs volunteers and the volunteer application has passed initial review, each eligible volunteer is interviewed in-person by the Community Engagement Coordinator.

At the interview you will be asked to read and sign a confidentiality form.


Before volunteering sessions start:

  • Personal and/or professional references are checked, if needed.

  • Police reference check is required.

  • Once accepted an orientation training will be scheduled.

We Need Your Support Today!

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