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Transitional & Housing Support Program

The Transitional Program is a confidential service for abused women who are leaving Nelson House and are transitioning to independence, or who are still in abusive situations living in the community and need assistance to cope. Women who have experienced abuse often have multiple barriers to overcome.  The goal of the transition support worker is to provide flexible, concrete assistance to overcome those barriers by linking women to the appropriate services and community supports and by providing advocacy where needed. 

Services include:

  • Linking them to community resources and advocating on their behalf to ensure appropriate support.

  • Arranging access to language interpretation when needed.

  • Providing information on housing, financial assistance, legal assistance, health needs, counselling, education,  job training and  CAS services.

  • Safety and transition planning with women.

  • Initial accompaniments to appointments including meetings at courts, lawyers appointments, CAS meetings, housing appointments and police interviews.

  • Extensive court support (family and criminal).

  • Short term follow up.

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