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Our Staff and Board Members

Our Staff

We are a diverse group of individuals who bring unique talents and perspectives to our jobs, sharing the vision of providing consistent support to the residents and helping them achieve success in transitioning to an independent life.

The staff of Nelson House consists of:

  • Executive Director

  • Full time team of front line shelter workers as well as part time and relief staff

  • Children’s support and advocacy worker

  • Respite/recreational worker

  • Transition support worker

  • Community engagement & volunteer worker

  • Program manager

  • Maintenance worker

  • Office Administrator

Staff provide a variety of essential services such as crisis intervention, conflict resolution, advocacy with community services, referral to housing and financial support, suicide prevention, group facilitation, addiction counselling, working with youth and children. We endeavour to maintain a diverse staff that reflects the community we serve.

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A group of women at a business meeting

Our Board

Nelson House is lead by a dedicated and experienced team of volunteer Board of Directors from the community who are committed to supporting quality service delivery in a feminist, women-centered organization.


Co - Chair: Emma Beauchamp

Co - Chair: Tara DiBenedetto

Treasurer: Carol Gervais 

Co - Secretary: Carolyn Elizabeth

Co - Secretary: Tanya Singhal

Executive Director: Christy Savage

Paramjit Bahniwal

Kimberley Byers 

Uzma Khan

Lisa Kirbie 

Sharon Rowan

Linda Bianchi

Daria Ivanochko

Danika Nieuwkoop 

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