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Item Donations

We are greatly dependent on the generosity of our community supporters because, without you, we would otherwise be unable to provide our families with much-needed programs and services, including donated items that help them rebuild their lives.

Please contact us if you are able and willing to donate much-needed food or toiletry items to Nelson House. To make an item donation to Nelson House, please email the full details of your donation to, to arrange a drop-off or a pickup.

Donations needed all year round are:

  • Gift cards for grocery or department stores.

  • Gift cards for children activities

  • Bus tickets

Clothing & Household Items

Please note that Nelson House only accepts donations of new/unused clothing and undergarments, boots, shoes and toys. We accept only new kitchen products and small appliances, such as dishes, glasses, cutlery, pots and pans, kettles and toasters. We do not accept donations of used clothing, shoes, or stuffed toys (NO EXCEPTIONS). 

You are welcome to drop off any used clothing or household items at Value Village, our community partner at  1651 Merivale Rd, Nepean, ON K2G 3K2. Your donations will become a part of Value Village's inventory and will not be held for Nelson House clients. However, our residents are able to pick items of need from the store for free during their stay with us. This is a valuable resource for our residents and we appreciate your support.

Unfortunately, due to a limited amount of storage available at the shelter, we are unable to accept donations of furniture and/or any large household items.  If you would like to donate furniture please feel free to contact the Helping with Furniture.

We will provide an in-kind tax receipt for donations where the fair market value can be clearly demonstrated in accordance with CRA policies and guidelines. If you wish to receive a tax receipt for your donation, please ask for one in your email and provide supporting documentation when the items are dropped off.

If you would like a tax receipt for an item that costs less than $1000, you will need to provide purchase receipts or zero balance invoices. If you would like a tax receipt for an item that costs more than $1000, you will require an independent appraisal.

For more information about tax receipting, visit the Canadian Revenue Agency website.

We Need Your Support Today!

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