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Counselling and What to Expect

What to Expect when you come into Nelson House:

  • Safe, private location. Shelters and safe housing programs make everyone’s safety their first priority. You will be asked to keep the location confidential.

  • Counselling Services. Nelson House provides 24-hour crisis intervention and supportive counselling to women and children living within the shelter. Our counsellors work with clients to rebuild their lives by helping them set goals for the future and make plans to achieve those goals. We offer a variety of essential services including financial support, information and referrals to services such as police, housing, child care, medical services, and legal services.

  • No fees. Nelson House's counselling and programs are free. You will have access to  interpretive services.

  • Transportation. Most programs will provide transportation to a shelter or safe housing program. Many also offer residents bus tokens and transportation to appointments.

  • Children’s and youth safety. As advocates, we understand that children and youth are also impacted by domestic violence. Advocates will be able to work with both you and your children offering support, information and parenting resources.

  • Self-provided childcare. Your children will be under your watch and care at all times. Childcare may be provided during groups and other activities. Support will be provided to register your child in school or daycare.

  • Life Skills Empowerment Program. A program created to expand social and professional skills through the application of self-development values, skills, concepts and strategies.

  • Confidentiality. Your information will be private and will not be shared with other agencies unless you give your written permission. You will be asked to honor the privacy of other program participants by not discussing their names or situations with anyone else.

  • Food, clothing, and toiletries. Nelson House will provide basic necessities for you and your family at no cost and will try to meet your requirements.

  • Living arrangements. You will be provided a private room. You will share common areas - Kitchen, living room, dining area, T.V. room, etc.

  • Communal living. Environment where you will be requested to participate in chores. 

  • Laundry facilities. You will have access to laundry machines. 

  • Visitors. Visitors are not allowed in the shelter, but you can meet with your friends and family elsewhere.

  • Help finding a safe place for your pet. Nelson House does not allow pets unless they are therapy pets (certification proof will be needed), but will work with you to find a place for your pets to be cared for elsewhere.

We Need Your Support Today!

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