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Children's and Youth Program

Our Children's and Youth Program is dedicated to supporting children who have witnessed or experienced violence. This included infants, children and youth between the ages of zero to 18, male youths up to 18 years old, pregnant women and mothers. Our Children's Program coordinator provides counselling services, in a safe environment, to children and youth who have experienced violence or abuse in their home.

We provide an opportunity for children to share their feelings, learn coping strategies and learn about healthy relationships.

Mothers are provided counselling to support their parenting.

The program includes:

•    Support in finding and speaking to a lawyer.
•    Seeking legal aid.
•    Court support and accompaniment to lawyers appointments.
•    Assistance in reunifying children with their mothers and/or keeping  them together.
•    Advocacy and support with and in conjunction with the Children’s Aid Society.
•    Responsible and caring childcare while mothers attend appointments, intakes, meetings and self-care.
•    Fun recreational outings to libraries, museums, art galleries,          swimming, and neighbourhood parks.
•    Group activities such as holiday festivities, Yoga, Zumba, jewellery  making, vision board creations, mindfulness, paint nights and birthday parties.
•    Referrals to counselling and Children Who Witness groups.
•    Referrals to support services for children’s mental and physical well being.
•    Applying to daycares.
•    Advocating and accompanying to school meetings.
•    Helping with homework to help and individual academic support.

This beautiful artwork has been created by an amazing and uber-talented 5 year old girl at the shelter.

One day this summer (2021), during her walk with Nelson House’s Childcare staff – Ada, our little artist began to collect all sorts’ materials from the forest. On her return, she got down to work and put together this lovely creation.


Helping to develop the joy of learning, creativity, and self-worth are important tools for every child’s growth; however, the use of art as a pathway to develop such characteristics may be even more critical to a child experiencing trauma.

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